Zion--our favorite national park

Zion is our favorite park because it's exotic, intimate, easy to get around, and in the center of some womderful country.

Most of all, we like it because it's quirky. There's an wonderful mix of people--European visitors, Germans riding rented Harleys, crisp rangers, cheery Mormons, somber polygamists, grizzled ranchers, mountain climbers, and off-the-grid survivalists.

This blog is for people who like to dig deeper into a place--who like to turn over rocks to find the unusual, strange, seldom-seen, and beautiful.

I enjoyed getting into the mood of the place. Perhaps others will find a different ambience--but I found something a bit dark... noir--a backwoods, wild spirit lapping at the outposts of ordered civilization.

Advantages of Zion
  • Campgrounds close to town, stream, visitor center, shuttle buses, & riverside trail
  • Shuttle buses make it easy to visit all parts in the valley
  • Lots of great hikes that aren't too long or difficult
  • A good home base for interesting day trips by car
  • Angel's Landing and the Virgin Narrows are among the best short hikes in the USA

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